What saw is best for different DIY projects

A saw is one of the most basic tools one can use when undertaking any DIY project. Most people start with a simple manual hand saw but using it all the time can be taxing on your muscles. The truth is that there are several different types of saws and you should use a different one depending on the type of cut you want to make. Here we will introduce some of the most commonly used saws and explain what they are used for.

Before we start, one word about TPI. TPI stands for teeth per inch and refers to the number of teeth on the blade. High TPI saws make fine and smooth cuts but low TPI saws can cut the material much more quickly. Each type of saws comes in models that can have either low or high TPI. TPI ranges from 2 to 32.


For some projects, you don’t need anything fancy and can simply get by with using just a handsaw. While it can be hard to get precise cuts with just a handsaw, you can purchase a miter box to help you. A miter box is open at the top and has thin slots on the side that you put your blade in. These slots then guide your blade as you manually saw a piece of wood. With a miter box, you will be able to do crosscuts and miter cuts.


A hacksaw is a manual saw in a C-shaped frame. It works very well with metal materials and is often used when cutting metal pipes. You can swap out blades in a hacksaw if you need to use something with a specific TPI. For example, different blades are better for cutting plastic than for cutting metal. Hacksaws are very versatile and are one of the most essential types of saw every handyman should own.

Table saw

Table saws are bigger power saws which consist of a table and the blade mounted below it. They are mainly used for ripping cuts, i.e. long straight cuts down the length of a wooden plank. Table saws are able to quickly cut many pieces of the same width. You can also make dados and coves with it. If you don’t have space for a full-fledged table saw (and you probably don’t if you’re not a professional woodworking shop), you can also purchase a portable version. The best portable table saw will be able to make various cuts without taking up too much space.


A jigsaw is a power saw that can smoothly cut not only straight lines but also curved ones. This is a really nice feature that a lot of DIYers creating their unique projects will find a use for. The blade moves up and down to cut through the wood and adjustable speed settings make it easy for you to control the cut. They are considered to be the most user-friendly power saw out there. Different blades are used to cut different curves. Jigsaws come in both corded and cordless models.