The Canonical 3 elements for an above-ground pool

Grasping the benefits of a well-deserved pool relaxation day in the swimming season is everything we can wish. Pools are a central element that brings joy to adults and children alike during summer. Whether you already get the indulgences of an above-ground pool or consider buying one, there are some crucial factors to have in mind for the well-being of your pool. We all want not to worry about our pool’s resistance and longevity, and this is a difficult task when parts of it start to give in after a short time. Here we are going to discuss the key elements that ensure your pool’s endurance and how to know that those components are sturdy and efficient.

1. Pool filter 

You might think of this element as the lungs of the pool, as it has the role of keeping the water bacteria-free and crystal clear. There’s no way you could take a dip into the pool for more than a couple of days without a pool filter. Thus, it is compulsory to choose a reliable and enduring model. One important aspect is that you should buy the pool filter in accordance with the pump you already have because they have to match functionally-wise. A solution would be to equip yourself with a pool that provides both a filter and a pump, that work well together. If this doesn’t work for you, the Blue Wave 12-inch Sand Filter System consists of a pump and a filter alike, that prove strong resistance and efficacy.

2. Pool pump 

Permanent inflatable above-ground pools are a cheaper and gratifying alternative to in-ground ones. However, the pump is central to the well-being of your pool, and settling on an efficient pump can be puzzling. First, you want your pump to supply high-quality components that ensure a long lifespan and noiseless action. Next, the external material is highly important too, mainly because it makes contact with all sorts of weather conditions. Thus, as a primary thought, you should look for a pump that is resistant to corrosion and other material hazards. Also, it would be best if the model you opt for is not that much of an energy consumer. After all, who minds paying a little less on the energy bill?

3. Pool Heater 

This is more a treat than a necessity, yet not a neglectable treat. With a pool heater, you can extend the swimming season with a few months. Thus, you can take your first dip in spring instead of late June or enjoy a drink in the water late at night when it’s getting colder outside. If this sounds appealing to you, you might want to consider different pool heater models. Although they range from solar heaters to propane and gas, probably the most reliable models are the electric ones. The Hayward H-Series, Pool and Spa Heater, is what we consider the best above-ground pool heater. Having been designed electric, this model works on draft technologies that ensure its efficacy in any weather condition.