Just Keep Meowing

Kitty Love

Cats are among the most popular domesticated animals in the entire world! And it’s not hard to see why: they make extraordinary little companions. In fact, archaeological data shows that we have been keeping cats as pets for more than eight thousand years. We have been domesticating kitties since before the start of the Bronze Age! Sure, back then they only had one purpose: to kill the mice that threatened the stored supply of crops. Has your cat ever killed a mouse or a toad, and then proceeded to proudly drop it at your feet? Yeah, it’s not as helpful nowadays. However, back in the early days of the agricultural revolution, having a cat around could be the thing that made the difference between life or death by starvation. Unlike dogs, modern-day cats were bred to work independently. A dog needed to pay heed to its owners every word, whether it was out hunting or tending to the herd. Cats, on the other hand, needed to work long hours in storage rooms, all by themselves. Before you worry that your kitty is too distant or uncaring, remember that you need to go with the flow and let them make the first move. Younger cats enjoy a bit more attention: they’re just full of energy and they love it when you play with them. As they get older, felines begin to prefer being appreciated from a distance. That doesn’t mean they won’t ever snuggle up next to you or enjoy the occasional brushing of their fur, but they’ll prioritize getting their beauty sleep in throughout the day. Just because they slow down with age doesn’t mean they’re not as loving and full of life!

Feed the Kitten!

On average, cats live longer than dogs. This is due to a plethora of factors, from activity level to the food they eat to genetics. When it comes to food, it’s very important that you choose the best type for your furbaby. First of all, you should check with their vet to make sure that they don’t have any deficiencies, such as calcium and iron. If left untreated, any nutrient shortage can lead to more serious conditions. The second thing to watch out for is allergies. However, you shouldn’t worry too much about allergic reactions, as cats have extraordinarily tough digestive systems and they aren’t as affected by them. Perhaps the most important thing you need to keep in mind when choosing food for your little one is their age. Cats require different nutrition profiles depending on how old they are. Baby kitties have no problems digesting food and absorbing all the much-needed nutrients and vitamins, while more mature cats could have a problem with that. The best cat food for older cats is one that is easy to digest, while still providing them with everything they need in order to keep their body in tip-top shape. If you want to read more on this subject, check out this article by petsami.com!