The way your nails look beautiful after it’s been to a professional manicure has nothing to do with the way it is shaped or how it is being painted or even the color used in painting it, it is totally about how the cuticles have been wiped. If you have doubts about this, you can try getting a manicure and leave the cuticles and then check out the differences.

Some might have been wondering what a cuticle is, there is a thin layer of skin at the edge of your nail, and it is called the cuticle. Its function is to protect the nail bed that is the area that a new nail starts growing from.

As much as this is an important role, when this skin is left unattended to it will continue to grow, thereby leaving your nails looking far from pretty.

Whether or not to remove your cuticles, however, depends on how you want them to be, keep in mind that doing this requires proper sanitary precautions to avoid being infected. Not to digress much, let’s discuss the best cuticles you can purchase that would sure be worth your money.

  • BUTTER LONDON MELT AWAY CUTICLE EXFOLIATOR: Best cuticle removers play their roles by merely melting away the dead skin as well as exfoliating it, and this product has been reviewed by quite several people to be great at doing this. It is straightforward to use, and you only need to swipe it on, wait a few minutes, break down the already weak cuticles, and wipe off excess.
  • DEBORAH LIPPMANN CUTICLE REMOVER: Well, this product has been known to be quite expensive for its size, but it’s sure worth it to the last drop. It lasts long, and it does work. The exfoliator in it breaks down dry, dead skin, and it also comes with a dropper applicator. This makes it quite easy to use the right amount at the right time.
  • PROLINC CUTICLE ELIMINATOR: This is mostly used by professionals as it works extra fast on every type of skin, no matter how hard it might be. It is even used on the cuticles of the nails as well, and to top it up; it is safe to use on acrylics and gel polish.
  • BLUE CROSS CUTICLE REMOVER: This is quite cheap compared to those mentioned above and equally, gets a lot of positive reviews from the users. It contains lanolin, which does not only exfoliate excess cuticles but also keeps your nail bed area looking pretty and hydrated.
  • SALLY HANSEN PROBLEM CUTICLE REMOVER: This product has been created in such a way that it exfoliates extra-thick cuticles even. You have to leave it on for about three to five minutes and then wash it off. It also comes with manicure sticks to enable you to fix back your cuticles in case they are in rough shape after you soften them.
  • SEKI EDGE FLAT SLANT TIP CUTICLE NIPPER: This is for those who don’t want to melt away their cuticles but only want it nipped and trimmed. This stainless steel nipper made from Japan helps to make it easier to trim dry skin. It also ensures a smooth closing and opening afterward.

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